Five rising Polish hits you should listen to

Today is the National Independence Day of Poland and in celebration of their independence day, here are five rising hits from the Land of Fields that you should listen to:

5. Zawijaj zię (Tatiana Kopala)

Fresh from the fourth season of The Voice Kids Poland, Tatiana Kopala dropped a debut single three months ago. Her debut single is called Zawijaj się and has a disco-driven composition. Is this a banger? Definitely.

4. słodko-słone (Kinga Siewierska)

Poland is not only good at serving bangers these days, Poland is also good at serving folk music to a modern audience. Take for example Kinga Siewierska’s debut single, “słodko-słone”. If you enjoyed Willow by Taylor Swift, you will enjoy this one too.

3. (I) Da Bóg kiedyś zasiąść w Polsce wolnej (sanah)

Polish musical sensation sanah released a series of singles lately where she made song adaptations of poems. The first of those singles is “(I) Da Bóg kiedyś zasiąść w Polsce wolnej” which is a song adaptation of the poem of the same name by Polish poet Adam Asnyk.

2. Połnoc (Rara)

Another rising hit to add to this list is “Połnoc”, the debut single of Rara. Połnoc is a power ballad that was written by the singer herself with the help of Rafal Malicki and Tomasz Kulik.

1. Not Giving Up (Natalia Kawalec)

After competing in Season 3 of The Voice Kids Poland, Natalia Kawalec went on to debut as a solo singer. Her latest single is a country song called “Not Giving Up” which she recorded in solidarity with the Ukrainian people.

Which of these Polish rising hits are your favorites? Let us know in the comments section below.

This article is authored by Niuta (@panirosemint on Flote and @niutanne on Gettr)


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